Insider Ownership

Insider Ownership
Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
colpo charles c Officer 43,944 View
davis erika t Officer 68,306 View
essig stuart Director 27,585 View
gerdelman john w Director 23,748 View
hill barbara b Director 3,746 View
lowery christopher m Officer 74,233 View
marlatt geoff taylor Officer 42,875 View
marsh martha h. Director 16,065 View
meier richard a Officer 127,158 View
minor g gilmer iii Director 29,350 View
moore eddie n jr Director 1,532 View
morris-hipkins stuart raymond Officer 62,061 View
olive stephen russell Officer 20,607 View
pace nicholas j Officer 65,325 View
phipps paul cody Officer 396,484 View
rogers james e Director 58,991 View
romans michael jay Officer 14,101 View
simmons david s Director 10,722 View
sledd robert c Director 22,901 View
smith craig r Director 10,758 View
whittemore anne m Director 41,847 View

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